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Activa is the first company that allows ANY person on ANY network, in ANY market, with ANY mobile device to send and receive payments, access special value-added banking services through ANY channel (SMS’s, IVR, USSD, GPRS, INTERNET, NFC, SmartCard) top-up their cell phones, pay their bills, purchase items from ANY shop or service, send /pay money to each other locally or cross-border.


 Bill Payments:

Service providers, including utility companies, can issue bills and collect payments from their customers either directly through mobile phones or through retail merchant locations.


 Person-to-Person Transactions:

Banks and Telco's can offer their customers and mobile subscribers the ability to instantly pay one another (mainly customer to customer) in real time using existing cash alternative products and their mobile phones.


Pensions & Salaries:

Companies can top-up the employee’s phones and also pensions can be disbursed directly to the cell-phones so that people don’t have to line up at the bank to collect their funds.

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Our platform offers complete real-time
audit trail of users and transactions,
administrators and stakeholders .

Instant insurance:

Travelers' can avail instant insurance coverage in small denominations just as they are about to start their journey.


A/c to A/c Transactions:

This module can be used by customers to move money between accounts in one bank or many banks using mobile phones. Banks can offer this as part of their value-added services.


Prepaid Airtime Top-up:

Telco's and banks can replenish mobile subscriber airtime in real time without the use of expensive prepaid vouchers and scratch-off cards.


Prepaid Shopping Cards:

Telco's and banks can issue prepaid shopping cards directly to subscribers' mobile devices to enable them in their shopping without cash.


Transport & Ticketing:

Airline, railways, bus and public transport companies can issue paperless virtual tickets directly to mobile devices. Deliver coupons, tickets, timings and other promotional items to the users’ cellular phone using NFC or SMS.


Micro-credit Transactions:

Micro-credit providers can collect and distribute funds to their members in real time, increasing efficiency and transparency and reducing settlement periods.


Schools & Educational Institutions:

Parents can signup to receive reports, examination dates, results, notices, etc.


Mobile based elections:

Instant results, no traveling, no waiting in queues.


Mobile Parking:

Offers municipalities and parking garage owners a mobile parking payment service that lets consumers pay for parking using a mobile phone. Consumers use their mobile phones to select the amount of time they require parking. Five minutes before expiration, consumers get a reminder asking if they wish to extend the time.


m-Government / (Transport (MVD):

Status of an application on sending the Number available on the Acknowledgment Form.
Information regarding availability of a fancy number can be provided as a reply to a SMS sending the number required.

Details such as the ‘Tax paid up to”, “Insurance paid up to”, Engine number, Chassis Number, etc. can be given as reply of a SMS sending the registration number of the vehicle.

(This service will be very useful for a person who wants to buy a second hand car.)


Cinema Ticket booking:

Mobile ticket booking can be introduced to theaters or NFC based posters for purchase of tickets can be made available to agents.


m-Government /Complaint Monitoring:

When a complaint is registered at a call center a token number is enerated and given to the caller. He can later query the position of the complaint through SMS based on the token number.
Feed back on complaints: A citizen can be informed when the complaint is attended and completed through a SMS.


Retrieve details of vehicles by sending and SMS carrying the vehicle number
Complaint Registration by SMS: Complaints regarding fraudulent practices by auto/taxi drivers or other grievances can be informed to the police department by sending an SMS

Public Relations Dept of Government organizations:

Opinion Polls: People can vote/express opinion by conducting SMS polls with respect to new government regulations etc...
People can make enquiries regarding government press releases, statistical data etc.
Send messages to Media regarding press briefings of CM and Ministers

Govt. auctions and tenders

SMS to registered citizens about auctions, tenders etc.

Ministry /Department of Agriculture

Providing Subscription based Alert Services for Prices to farmers
Providing regional Weather Forecast to farmers

Common SMS Portal for All Departments

Using SMS as and Internal Communication Tool to reduce Operational Costs and Increase Efficiency for Intra Departmental and Inter departmental Communications
Sudden Information like cancellation of meetings, change in schedule, requesting of additional information etc can be done using SMS saving cost on Telephone, Time and Paper Costs

Activa's mobile payments solution can attach any instrument like Checking account, Saving account, Credit or Debit card, Stored Value Account, etc.to its mobile wallet or channel.

…..And many other information and push based services can be integrated and deployed instantly on the Nexus360 system

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