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Activa Financial Ltd is a world leader in mobile banking and payments. Activa has already proven its technology platform and business model in the major markets of UK and US and is actively expanding into other key markets in Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East.

Banks and Micro Finance Institutions

We seek mutually beneficial partnership with banks and micro finance institutions. Our solution allows financial services providers to successfully deliver cost efficient banking and payment services to high risk markets and un-banked customer segments.

Our infrastructure also integrates and allows mobile – based and conventional financial transaction services that enables bank customers transfer money, do highly secure online and offline shopping, pay at the POS, pay bills and execute other banking services with their mobile phones.

Our solutions also allows micro-credit and micro deposit transaction which allows micro finance institutions to mobilize deposits, collect and distribute micro – credits in a low cost and highly efficient manner.

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Our platform offers complete real-time
audit trail of users and transactions,
administrators and stakeholders .

Switch and Payment Processor

We believe that by integrating into and leveraging trusted industry platforms such as ATM switch, payment processors etc. is the most advantageous way to enable mobile banking and payments services.

Our solutions integrates easily and seamlessly with a bank’s switch or ATM switch and enable mobile based intra and inter-bank transfers or payments.

Mobile Network Operators

By integrating with Zinternet mobile payment solutions, MNO can eliminate or reduce the logistics and distribution cost of exiting scratch card based mobile recharge, ensure higher sms traffic, reduce churn and encourage the use of value added services such as data plan.


We seeks supermarkets, retailers, quick service restaurants, utility bill company who will be set up to receive payment for goods and services via Zinternet mobile payment service.

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