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About EZPAy Africa

EzPayAfrica service is a mobile money service designed to provide secure, cost effective and convenient mobile money services for the banked, semi-banked and unbanked (people or enterprises that have no or only limited access to banking services). It is a secure solution which is powered by Zinternet Nig Ltd on one of the top level platforms you can find worldwide. It is also a branchless banking business, meaning that its services are designed so that customers can generally conduct transactions without the need to visit bank branches but simply by using their mobile phones to conduct transactions. These services include person-to-person payments, bill payments, buying of airtime, funding of their accounts and withdrawals from their accounts or mobile wallets.

This service like its name is not restricted to Nigeria but to Africa as a whole with world wide outreach, whereever and whenever you want.

With EzPayAfrica service, EzPayAfrica Agents are able to open new accounts for customers, using the mobile application on their phones.

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Our platform offers complete real-time
audit trail of users and transactions,
administrators and stakeholders .

EZPay Africa mobile payments solution can attach any instrument like Checking account, Saving account, Credit or Debit card, Stored Value Account, etc.to its mobile wallet or channel.

Working with Activa, a partner will be able to offer a white-label mobile banking and payments service to all Financial Institutions and can leverage EZPay Africa expertise in mobilizing pre-paid accounts and micro-finance to extend the service to the unbanked and semi-banked populations. For any partner this represents a key value add service for its member banks, future proofing of revenue streams as transactions inevitably migrate to the mobile channel and new business opportunities by addressing the unbanked consumer segments.

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