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EZPay Africa is an innovative & interoperable

mobile banking and payment provider

Our mobile payment services allow anyone with a mobile phone to send and receive money, electronically recharge their phone, pay bills and pay for goods and services at merchant's location.



EzPayAfrica service is a mobile money service designed to provide secure, cost effective and convenient mobile money services for the banked, semir-banked and unbanked (people or enterprises that have no or only limited access to banking services). It is a secure solution which is powered by Zinternet Nig Ltd on one of the top level platforms you can find worldwide.

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Agents Benefits

An EZPAY agent is either a person or organization that is authorized and setup to market and sell our mobile payment products and services to end users ....

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Payable Services

We have a massive list of services you can pay for such as funds transfer, utility payment, purchases of goods and services. All in one mobile wallet.

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You can make transactions through (Delivery Channels)

SMS- Short Message Service GPRS / WAP / 3G Data Carrier
USSD- Unstructured Supplementary Service Data HTTP / Browser based services
NFC - Near Field Communication Serviced offices
IVR - Interactive Voice Response POS – Point of Sale terminal
SmartCard - chip card, or integrated circuit card NIC – National ID card
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Our platform offers complete real-time
audit trail of users and transactions,
administrators and stakeholders .

EZPay Africa mobile payments solution can attach any instrument like Checking account, Saving account, Credit or Debit card, Stored Value Account, etc.to its mobile wallet or channel.

With EZPAYAFRICA You could be .....

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